FTS Series

Twin Tank Water Softener HE

FTS Series

Twin Tank Water Softener HE

The FTS1-HE Series is a high-efficiency electronic twin tank water softener that provides homes and businesses soft water 24/7. If your demand for soft water suddenly spikes, the second tank of softened water is there as a backup and features an innovative quick connection for seamless switching between the tanks.

  • High Efficiency for Residential and Commercial Applications
  • 6 lbs of salt per cubic foot of resin
  • 15% savings in both water and salt
  • Superior clearwater iron removal


Water Softening Process

Hard water enters the tank in service. As it passes through the resin, the hard water ions are attracted to the resin. By the time the water gets to the bottom of the tank, it’s soft.


Regeneration Process

When the resin becomes saturated with hard water ions, the tank goes into regeneration. Brine water is injected into the tank and rinses the hard water ions off the resin and down the drain. Once the resin is free of the hard water ions, fresh, soft water rinses all the brine out, leaving the tank ready for service.


Model Number Max Grain Capacity (Per Tank) Standard Grain Capacity (Per Tank) Type of Regeneration Peak Flow Rate Service Flow Rate Backwash Pipe Size D W H Brine Tank H x W
FTS1-0948-HE 31,000 22,000 Meter

18 GPM 8 GPM 2.2 1" & 3/4"

16" 48" 56" 18" x 33"
FTS1-1054-HE 46,500 33,000 189 GPM 12 GPM 2.7 16" 49" 62" 18"x 33"
FTS1-1248-HE 62,000 44,000 23 GPM 14 GPM 3.2 16" 51" 56" 18" x 33"
FTS1-1354-HE 77,000 55,000 22 GPM 18 GPM 4.2 16" 53" 62" 18" x 33"
FTS1-1465-HE 93,000 66,000 23 GPM 19 GPM 5.3 16" 62" 74" 23" x 42"