FBF1 Series

Auto Backwash Filter

FBF1 Series

Auto Backwash Filter

The FBF1 Series can address many water problems depending on the filter media selected. Essential features of this series include a translucent media tank that allows for visual inspection of the media without disassembly; an extremely powerful drive motor that ensures piston movement even in severely contaminated water; stainless steel bypass valve that is easy to use; and simple straight forward mechanical programming.

  • Easy to Program Valve. Simple touch buttons to help with programming and manual backwashing.
  • Full Flow Bypass Valve. A simple quarter-turn of the handle takes the unit off stream. This is ideal for watering the yard or providing water while the unit is being serviced.
  • Non-Corrosive Construction. Components are fiberglass and polyethylene, eliminating rust & corrosion problems.


Suitable for Use with the Following Media:

  • Activated Carbon (A05P) For the removal of chlorine; taste and odor reduction.
  • Catalytic Carbon (ACC05P) For the removal of chloramines and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Filter Ag (FA05P) Sediment removal down to 20 micron.
  • Filter Sand (QFS05P) Sediment reduction down to 17 micron.
  • Birm (B05P) Iron removal when raw water has a high level of dissolved oxygen.
  • Calcium Carbonate (C05P) Raises the pH of acid water and removes turbidity. Use when pH is 6.0-6.8 and hardness is less than 5 gpg.
  • Neutralizer Blend (N05) Raises the pH when incoming water pH is less than 6.0 or hardness is greater than 5 gpg.
  • Zeolite (Z05P) Sediment and suspended solids reduction.


Model Number Media Volume cu. ft. Backwash Flowrate (GPM) Peak Flow Rate (GPM) Service Flow Rate (GPM) Depth Width Height Pipe Size
FBF1-1044 1.0 5.3 10 5 18" 12" 56"
1" & 3/4"

FBF1-1054 1.5 5.3 10 5 18" 12" 66"
FBF1-1248 2.0 7.5 14 8 18" 13" 60"
FBF1-1354 2.5 9.0 17 9 18" 14" 66"


NOTE1: Service flow rate of control valve with bypass and meter is 27gpm @ 15 psig drop.
NOTE 2: Above filters are not designed for continuous flow applications like ground water heat pumps.
NOTE 3: Add suffix “-DH” if a dome hole is desired. Example: FBF1-1054-DH
NOTE 4: Change prefix to “FBF1M” if meter initiation is desired. Example: FBF1M-1054

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