FRO Series

Quick-Change Reverse Osmosis

FRO Series

Quick-Change Reverse Osmosis

The FRO Series Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System reduces harmful contaminants and turns ordinary tap water into the fresh, quality water that nature intended us to drink. A 5-stage system filters water at the molecular level while drawn water passes through a final carbon filter to remove unwanted tastes or odors. The result is healthier, better-tasting water.

  • Sanitary quick-change cartridges for easy maintenance
  • 50 GPD or 100 GPD membrane
  • Decorative faucet
  • Environmentally sound water treatment
  • Cost-effective
  • Fresh, clean water ready at your tap
  • Booster pump increases water pressure to improve quality and quantity of water produced


R.O. System Pre-Requirements

  • Soft Water (hard water drastically reduces the life and function of the membrane)
  • Less than 0.1 PPM Iron
  • Less than 0.05 PPM Manganese
  • No Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Use only on microbiologically safe water


FRO Table

Model Number Membrane Rating* Rejection Percentage Max TDS Water Temp.
FRO50 50 GPD 75-97% 800 PPM 40 °F - 100 °F
FRO50P 50 GPD 85-97% 1800 PPM 40 °F - 100 °F
FRO100P 100 GPD 85-97% 1800 PPM 40 °F - 100 °F


NOTE1: Pump model will provide closer to maximum gallons per day.
*Actual gallons produced will vary depending on water pressure, temperature, and TDS.

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